As organizations around the world strive to improve the quality of their processes while managing their bottom lines, Business process outsourcing has become the new imperative. We, at Medscribers provide a spectrum of BPO services covering Medical transcription, legal Transcription, Medical Billing and Coding, Insurance Claim Processing, Back Office Operations, document management and Insurance Claim processing.

Medscribers, Inc.
was founded to provide superior medical transcription service in various branches of medicine. Established in 2000, today we are a leader in high quality cost efficient medical transcription.

It often takes more than training alone for a company to reach aggressive goals. We have a reputation for upholding 99.6% or higher accuracy. Our current clients have maintained loyalty and continued service since their enrollment. We are confident that we will continue to meet our own benchmarks for quality and accuracy exceeding your expectations.

Doctors throughout America enjoy the benefits of our cost effective and quality orientated Medical transcription.

We consistently receive accolades for our quality and service.

Our medical transcriptionists are among the most qualified in the nation. Teams of MT's are assigned to specific accounts, guaranteeing that the unique requirements of each customer are addressed and maintained.

Our technology is proven, reliable, and provides the tools that our customers need to manage the work flow process from beginning to end. We provide 24 hour, 365 days-a-year customer service and technical support. Just like the hospital, we never close. The combination of quality MT's, leading technology, and comprehensive support results in outstanding service that your healthcare enterprise can depend upon.