We know that different healthcare organizations have different transcription needs. That's why we make sure that our system integration meets the specific requirements of each customer. Medscribers dedicated team puts a significant amount of resources into communicating and interacting with our customers to provide custom-tailored solutions that address all areas of medical transcription practices. The main objective is to minimize or eliminate any disruption of your workflow.

A dedicated client service representative will be provided who will implement and understand all your requirements. Your

account executive focuses on maximizing service and strengthening the partnership between your company and Medscribers, Inc. and is responsible for coordinating all relevant resources within Medscribers, Inc. and for ensuring that your needs are met. Medscribers,Inc.'s experienced executives are extremely qualified to lead your account, and they will support you in your work to administer a high quality, yet administratively simple transcription services.

All medical transcription work carried out at Medscribers, Inc. goes through three levels of word-by-word thorough check to assure that the quality is maintained before being sent to clients.

Transcription Quality Control
As the first level, the MT initially transcribes the files received at our end. These files are transferred to the QA1, who listens to the file again to check for all kinds of errors, word errors, medical errors, grammatical errors, and content errors.

Then, the report goes to a QA2, who again checks the report, and also fills the blanks left at previous levels, if any.

Then the job is completed and sent to the physicians, as required by them and in the form (like in word perfect or in word including the headers, footers etc.) they choose, and is automatically distributed to the physicians.

On Going Training Programs
We have regular training and cross-section reviews between various levels of medical transcriptionists and editors to improve the quality of medical transcription at the base level.

All transcriptionists are AAMT certified and we conduct training on regular basis including HIPPA regulations and awareness.

We are confident that our quality management program will improvise workflow of your practice.