The true value of your transcription service isn't measured merely by price, but by the performance it delivers to your organization. The degree of saving depends on your current medical transcription service method. Regardless of what method that is currently being used, we can guarantee substantial savings.

Fast, accurate, complete transcription means that billing can go out sooner. Quicker billing in turn yields faster reimbursements, reduced A/R, plus improved cash flow. All of which contributes to improving your revenue cycle.

Our experience typically allows us to deliver real cost savings of 20% to 30% or higher over your current transcription provider.
Save on salaries and all the other associated costs of employee benefits, i.e. sick leave or vacation time.
Eliminate recruitment, training cost and turnover among transcriptionists.
Eliminate equipment upgrades and maintenance.
FREE setup and no new costs involved.
With an unwavering commitment to accuracy and a guarantee on turnaround times every month, we can help you shorten the billing cycle.
We provide Dictation archiving at NO COST
100% Digital dictation service by telephone or a handheld recorder - you can dictate anytime from anywhere conveniently 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
”For many of our customers, we have helped standardize transcribed reports and dictation protocol while customizing features to meet the needs of physicians and medical records staff. The result is greater efficiency that translates to cost savings. ”